SERS Detection of Hg2+ using Rhenium Carbonyl Labelled Nanoparticle Films

Lea, Joshua and Montgomery, Heather J. and Xu, Yikai and Ashton, Lorna and Bell, Steven E.J. and Fletcher, Nick (2023) SERS Detection of Hg2+ using Rhenium Carbonyl Labelled Nanoparticle Films. Chemistry Methods. ISSN 2628-9725

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Modified silver nanoparticles with a self-assembled disulfide functionalized 2,2´-bipyridine (L1 and L2) monolayer, and the corresponding rhenium complex [Re(L2)(CO)3Br] are shown to provide a method to position the nanoparticles at a water/dichloromethane interface forming a lustrous metal-like-liquid film (MeLLF) with a unique SERs response. The film formed using L2 showed divergent behavior in the presence of a range of metal ions whilst bound to the surface. [Re(L)(CO)3Br] (where L = 2,2´-bipyridine, L1 and L2) in solution demonstrates a selective interaction with Hg2+, observed by UV-vis, emission and 1H NMR spectroscopy, attributed to abstraction of the bromide. This interaction was demonstrated by subtle changes in the characteristic Raman Re-CO stretch at 510 cm 1 both with the MeLLF, and when the film is immobilized in a PVA surface-exposed-nano-sheet (SENS). The work provides proof of concept that the organometallic complexes can be employed as “labels” to generate SERS-active nanoparticle films that possess detection capabilities.

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Chemistry Methods
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