Reconstruction of interactions in the ProtoDUNE-SP detector with Pandora

, DUNE Collaboration and Blake, A. and Brailsford, D. and Cross, R. and Mouster, G. and Nowak, J. A. and Ratoff, P. (2023) Reconstruction of interactions in the ProtoDUNE-SP detector with Pandora. European Physical Journal C, 83.

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The Pandora Software Development Kit and algorithm libraries provide pattern-recognition logic essential to the reconstruction of particle interactions in liquid argon time projection chamber detectors. Pandora is the primary event reconstruction software used at ProtoDUNE-SP, a prototype for the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment far detector. ProtoDUNE-SP, located at CERN, is exposed to a charged-particle test beam. This paper gives an overview of the Pandora reconstruction algorithms and how they have been tailored for use at ProtoDUNE-SP. In complex events with numerous cosmic-ray and beam background particles, the simulated reconstruction and identification efficiency for triggered test-beam particles is above 80% for the majority of particle type and beam momentum combinations. Specifically, simulated 1 GeV/$c$ charged pions and protons are correctly reconstructed and identified with efficiencies of 86.1$\pm0.6$% and 84.1$\pm0.6$%, respectively. The efficiencies measured for test-beam data are shown to be within 5% of those predicted by the simulation.

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Journal Article
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European Physical Journal C
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21 Jul 2023 09:20
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