Effect of a modulated acoustic field on the dynamics of a vibrating charged bubble

Kolebaje, O. T. and Vincent, Uchechukwu and Benyeogor, B. E. and McClintock, Peter V. E. (2023) Effect of a modulated acoustic field on the dynamics of a vibrating charged bubble. Ultrasonics. ISSN 0041-624X (In Press)

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We investigate the effect of amplitude-modulated acoustic irradiation on the dynamics of a charged bubble vibrating in a liquid. We show that the potential V (x) of the bubble, and the number and stability of its equilibria, depend on the magnitude of the charge it carries. Under high-frequency amplitude-modulation, a modulation threshold, Gth, was found for the onset of increased bubble amplitude oscillations. For some pressure field values, charge can facilitate the control of chaotic dynamics via reversed period-doubling bifurcation sequences. There is evidence for peak-shouldering and shock waves. The Mach number increases rapidly with the drive amplitude G. In the supersonic regime, for G > 1.90 Pa, the high-frequency modulation raises both Blake’s and the transient cavitation thresholds. We found a decrease in the bubble’s maximum charge threshold, and threshold modulation amplitude for the occurrence Vibrational resonance (VR). VR occurs due to the modulated oscillatory pressure field, and the influence on VR of the electrostatic charge, and other parameters of the system are investigated. In contrast to the cases of VR reported earlier, where the amplitude G of the high-frequency driving is typically much higher than the amplitude of the low-frequency driving (Ps), the VR resonance peaks occur here at relatively low G values (0 < G < 10Pa) compared to the acoustic driving pressure Ps ∼ 105 Pa. The optimal parameter values for enhanced response could be useful in acoustic cavitation applications.

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