Many-body quantum chaos in stroboscopically-driven cold atoms

Dağ, Ceren B. and Mistakidis, Simeon I. and Chan, Amos and Sadeghpour, H. R. (2023) Many-body quantum chaos in stroboscopically-driven cold atoms. Communications Physics, 6 (1). ISSN 2399-3650

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In quantum chaotic systems, the spectral form factor (SFF), defined as the Fourier transform of two-level spectral correlation function, is known to follow random matrix theory (RMT), namely a ‘ramp’ followed by a ‘plateau’ in late times. Recently, a generic early-time deviation from RMT, so-called the ‘bump’, was shown to exist in random quantum circuits as toy models for many-body quantum systems. We demonstrate the existence of ‘bump-ramp-plateau’ behavior in the SFF for a number of paradigmatic and stroboscopically-driven 1D cold-atom models: spinless and spin-1/2 Bose-Hubbard models, and nonintegrable spin-1 condensate with contact or dipolar interactions. We find that the scaling of the many-body Thouless time tTh —the onset of RMT—, and the bump amplitude are more sensitive to variations in atom number than the lattice size regardless of the hyperfine structure, the symmetry classes, or the choice of driving protocol. Moreover, tTh scaling and the increase of the bump amplitude in atom number are significantly slower in spinor gases than interacting bosons in 1D optical lattices, demonstrating the role of locality. We obtain universal scaling functions of SFF which suggest power-law behavior for the bump regime in quantum chaotic cold-atom systems, and propose an interference measurement protocol.

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Communications Physics
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06 Jul 2023 09:05
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