Population-genomics provide insights into the evolution and adaptation of the Asia corn borer

Peng, Yan and Jin, Minghui and Li, Zhimin and Li, Hongran and Zhang, Lei and Yu, Songmiao and Zhang, Zhuting and Fan, Ruyi and Liu, Jimin and Qi, Xu and Wilson, Kenneth and Xiao, Yutao (2023) Population-genomics provide insights into the evolution and adaptation of the Asia corn borer. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 40 (5). ISSN 0737-4038

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Understanding the genetic basis of pest adaptive evolution and the risk of adaptation in response to climate change is essential for the development of sustainable agricultural practices. However, the genetic basis of climatic adaptation for the Asian corn borer (ACB), Ostrinia furnacalis, the main pest of corn in Asia and Oceania, is poorly understood. Here, we revealed the genomic loci underlying the climatic adaptation and evolution in ACB by integrating population genomic and environmental factors. We assembled a 471-Mb chromosome-scale reference genome of ACB and re-sequenced 423 individuals covering 27 representative geographic areas. We inferred that the ACB effective population size changes tracked with the global temperature and followed by a recent decline. Based on an integrated analysis of whole-genome selection scans and genome-wide genotype-environment association studies, we revealed the genetic basis of ACB adaption to diverse climates. For diapause traits, we identified a major-effect association locus containing a circadian clock gene (period) by analyzing a diapause-segregating population. Moreover, our predictions indicated that the northern populations were more ecologically resilient to climate change than the southern populations. Together, our results revealed the genomic basis for ACB environmental adaptation and provided potential candidate genes for future evolutionary studies and genetic adaptation to climate change, intending to maintain the efficacy and sustainability of novel control techniques.

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Molecular Biology and Evolution
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