Leptogenesis via inflaton mass terms in nonminimally coupled inflation

Lloyd-Stubbs, K. and McDonald, J. (2023) Leptogenesis via inflaton mass terms in nonminimally coupled inflation. Physical Review D, 107 (10): 103511. ISSN 1550-7998

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We consider a model of baryogenesis based on adding lepton number-violating quadratic mass terms to the inflaton potential of a nonminimally coupled inflation model. The L -violating mass terms generate a lepton asymmetry in a complex inflaton field via the mass term Affleck-Dine mechanism, which is transferred to the Standard Model (SM) sector when the inflaton decays to right-handed (RH) neutrinos. The model is minimal in that it requires only the SM sector, RH neutrinos, and a nonminimally coupled inflaton sector. We find that baryon isocurvature fluctuations can be observable in metric inflation but are negligible in Palatini inflation. The model is compatible with reheating temperatures that may be detectable in the observable primordial gravitational waves predicted by metric inflation

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Journal Article
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Physical Review D
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02 Jun 2023 12:10
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