Globally invariant metabolism but density-diversity mismatch in springtails

Potapov, Anton M. and Guerra, Carlos A. and van den Hoogen, Johan and Babenko, Anatoly and Bellini, Bruno C. and Berg, Matty P. and Chown, Steven L. and Deharveng, Louis and Kováč, Ľubomír and Kuznetsova, Natalia A. and Ponge, Jean-François and Potapov, Mikhail B. and Russell, David J. and Alexandre, Douglas and Alatalo, Juha M. and Arbea, Javier I. and Bandyopadhyaya, Ipsa and Bernava, Verónica and Bokhorst, Stef and Bolger, Thomas and Castaño-Meneses, Gabriela and Chauvat, Matthieu and Chen, Ting-Wen and Chomel, Mathilde and Classen, Aimee T. and Cortet, Jerome and Čuchta, Peter and Manuela de la Pedrosa, Ana and Ferreira, Susana S. D. and Fiera, Cristina and Filser, Juliane and Franken, Oscar and Fujii, Saori and Koudji, Essivi Gagnon and Gao, Meixiang and Gendreau-Berthiaume, Benoit and Gomez-Pamies, Diego F. and Greve, Michelle and Tanya Handa, I. and Heiniger, Charlène and Holmstrup, Martin and Homet, Pablo and Ivask, Mari and Janion-Scheepers, Charlene and Jochum, Malte and Joimel, Sophie and Claudia S. Jorge, Bruna and Jucevica, Edite and Ferlian, Olga and Iuñes de Oliveira Filho, Luís Carlos and Klauberg-Filho, Osmar and Baretta, Dilmar and Krab, Eveline J. and Kuu, Annely and de Lima, Estevam C. A. and Lin, Dunmei and Lindo, Zoe and Liu, Amy and Lu, Jing-Zhong and Luciañez, María José and Marx, Michael T. and McCary, Matthew A. and Minor, Maria A. and Nakamori, Taizo and Negri, Ilaria and Ochoa-Hueso, Raúl and Palacios-Vargas, José G. and Pollierer, Melanie M. and Querner, Pascal and Raschmanová, Natália and Rashid, Muhammad Imtiaz and Raymond-Léonard, Laura J. and Rousseau, Laurent and Saifutdinov, Ruslan A. and Salmon, Sandrine and Sayer, Emma J. and Scheunemann, Nicole and Scholz, Cornelia and Seeber, Julia and Shveenkova, Yulia B. and Stebaeva, Sophya K. and Sterzynska, Maria and Sun, Xin and Susanti, Winda I. and Taskaeva, Anastasia A. and Thakur, Madhav P. and Tsiafouli, Maria A. and Turnbull, Matthew S. and Twala, Mthokozisi N. and Uvarov, Alexei V. and Venier, Lisa A. and Widenfalk, Lina A. and Winck, Bruna R. and Winkler, Daniel and Wu, Donghui and Xie, Zhijing and Yin, Rui and Zeppelini, Douglas and Crowther, Thomas W. and Eisenhauer, Nico and Scheu, Stefan (2023) Globally invariant metabolism but density-diversity mismatch in springtails. Nature Communications, 14 (1). ISSN 2041-1723

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Soil life supports the functioning and biodiversity of terrestrial ecosystems. Springtails (Collembola) are among the most abundant soil arthropods regulating soil fertility and flow of energy through above- and belowground food webs. However, the global distribution of springtail diversity and density, and how these relate to energy fluxes remains unknown. Here, using a global dataset representing 2470 sites, we estimate the total soil springtail biomass at 27.5 megatons carbon, which is threefold higher than wild terrestrial vertebrates, and record peak densities up to 2 million individuals per square meter in the tundra. Despite a 20-fold biomass difference between the tundra and the tropics, springtail energy use (community metabolism) remains similar across the latitudinal gradient, owing to the changes in temperature with latitude. Neither springtail density nor community metabolism is predicted by local species richness, which is high in the tropics, but comparably high in some temperate forests and even tundra. Changes in springtail activity may emerge from latitudinal gradients in temperature, predation and resource limitation in soil communities. Contrasting relationships of biomass, diversity and activity of springtail communities with temperature suggest that climate warming will alter fundamental soil biodiversity metrics in different directions, potentially restructuring terrestrial food webs and affecting soil functioning.

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Nature Communications
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14 Feb 2023 11:40
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