Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds via gold-catalysed enyne rearrangements

Munoz-Herranz, Maria and Quiros Lopez, Maria (2015) Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds via gold-catalysed enyne rearrangements. In: Topics in Heterocyclic Chemistry. Springer, Germany. ISBN 1861-9282

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Syntheses of heterocycles using different gold-catalysed rearrangements of enynes are discussed in this chapter. The term skeletal rearrangement has been used in a broad sense to include reactions involving cyclopropyl gold carbene intermediates formed by initial enyne cyclisation, which can undergo many different transformations to give a wide range of heterocyclic structures. Other transformations involving rearrangement of propargylic esters and [3,3]-rearrangement (concerted or stepwise comprising metallic intermediates), as well as special cases, have also been covered. References to earlier work in this area and to recent reviews have been included, but the focus of the chapter is to present recent developments, interesting cases and an overview on how subtle differences in the enyne starting materials, the catalyst used or the reaction conditions can alter the reaction pathway increasing the structural diversity towards complex heterocyclic structures of high value.

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