Preliminaries to classical first order model theory

Caminati, Marco (2011) Preliminaries to classical first order model theory. Formalized Mathematics, 19 (3). pp. 155-167.

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First of a series of articles laying down the bases for classical first order model theory. These articles introduce a framework for treating arbitrary languages with equality. This framework is kept as generic and modular as possible: both the language and the derivation rule are introduced as a type,rather than a fixed functor; definitions and results regarding syntax, semantics,interpretations and sequent derivation rules, respectively, are confined to separate articles, to mark out the hierarchy of dependences among different definitions and constructions.As an application limited to countable languages, satisfiability theorem and a full version of the Godel completeness theorem are delivered, with respect to a fixed, remarkably thrifty, set of correct rules. Besides the self-referential significance for the Mizar project itself of those theorems being formalized with respect to a generic, equality-furnished, countable language, this is the first step to work out other milestones of model theory, such as Lowenheim-Skolem and compactness theorems. Being the receptacle of all results of broader scope stem-med during the various formalizations, this first article stays at a very generic level, with results and registrations about objects already in the Mizar Mathematical Library.Without introducing the Language structure yet, three fundamental definitions of wide applicability are also given: the ‘unambiguous’ attribute (see [20],definition on page 5), the functor ‘-multiCat’, which is the iteration of ‘ˆ ’ over a FinSequence of FinSequence, and the functor SubstWith, which realizes the substitution of a single symbol inside a generic FinSequence.

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