Phase voltage distortion of IPM and SPM machines with distributed windings in field weakening region

Zhao, Nan and Schofield, Nigel and Hu, Yiheng (2019) Phase voltage distortion of IPM and SPM machines with distributed windings in field weakening region. The Journal of Engineering, 2019 (17). pp. 3872-3877. ISSN 2051-3305

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This study investigates the field-weakening capability of interior permanent magnet (IPM) and surface-mounted permanent magnet (SPM) machines with distributed windings by considering phase voltage distortion in field-weakening region. For analysis and comparison, the Nissan Leaf vehicle traction machine is studied as a reference benchmark machine and then a comparable SPM machine is designed within the main constraints of the benchmark machine. A finite element analysis model of the benchmark machine is developed and validated by published experimental measurement. Sinusoidal phase current is desired to enhance machine torque performance and power electronic converters employing vector control method are commonly used for traction machine supply. However, the machine terminal phase voltage distortion may introduce additional difficulties for machine control. Therefore, firstly, phase voltage distortions of IPM and SPM machines with distributed windings are compared and the mechanisms are discussed. Due to the voltage distortion, the peak value of phase voltage may be higher than the fundamental one. Therefore, the influences of IPM and SPM topologies on machine traction characteristics are investigated. The study indicates that SPM machines with distributed windings can be designed to achieve comparable torque and power performance and better field-weakening capability compared to IPM machines.

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The Journal of Engineering
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