Design of an FPGA-based RRAM parameter measurement platform

Tekin, Serdar B. (2018) Design of an FPGA-based RRAM parameter measurement platform. In: 2018 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology (ICIT). IEEE.

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Flash memory has been the dominant technology in non-volatile memory market for the last couple of decades. Along with down-scaling in the CMOS manufacturing process, industry and academia started to evaluate the use of alternative memory cell architectures so that the integration problems and the performance degradation seen in Flash memories can be overcome. Resistive Random-Access Memory (RRAM) technology has emerged as a promising option for manufacturing larger memory arrays in a smaller area and with higher performance. There are multiple types of RRAM memory cell architectures. HfO 2 -based memory cells are a type of oxide based RRAM memory cell architectures which rely on the resistance change of a dielectric material. In this work, an FPGA-based test platform which is designed to test 4Kbit RRAM samples is presented. The proposed system differs from other RRAM measurement platforms by its simplicity and the independency from a more sophisticated carrier module. The platform also allows development of security primitives which can benefit from the intrinsic characteristics of HfO 2 -based RRAM arrays.

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