(Digital Presentation) Optimization of MIM Rectifiers for Terahertz Rectennas

Tekin, Serdar B. and Almalki, Saeed and Vezzoli, Andrea and O'Brien, Liam and Hall, Stephen and Chalker, Paul R. and Mitrovic, Ivona Z. (2022) (Digital Presentation) Optimization of MIM Rectifiers for Terahertz Rectennas. ECS Transactions, 108 (2). pp. 69-79. ISSN 1938-6737

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Metal-Insulator-Metal (MIM) rectifiers comprising thin films of Al2O3, ZnO, NiO and Nb2O5 and metal configurations of Au/Au, Au/Zn and AuCr/AuCr, have been fabricated using atomic layer deposition and radio-frequency sputtering. The effect of device area scaling from 104 μm2 to 1 μm2 on rectification properties, in particular zero-bias dynamic resistance (R0) and zero-bias responsivity (β0) has been studied and found to be of critical importance in improving diode coupling efficiency. A significant increase of current has been found for Au/3.3 nm ZnO/Au diode when compared to the reference Au/3 nm Al2O3/Au diode, that resulted in obtaining the lowest R0 of 540 W for a device area of 104 μm2. The best performing device is found to be 1 μm2 AuCr/6.77 nm NiO/AuCr featuring (R0, b0) = (461 kW, 0.76 A/W) and a coupling efficiency of 1.5 10-5 %.

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ECS Transactions
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