Inertial Spin Dynamics in Epitaxial Cobalt Films

Unikandanunni, V. and Medapalli, R. and Asa, M. and Albisetti, E. and Petti, D. and Bertacco, R. and Fullerton, E.E. and Bonetti, S. (2022) Inertial Spin Dynamics in Epitaxial Cobalt Films. Physical review letters, 129 (23). ISSN 1079-7114

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We investigate the spin dynamics driven by terahertz magnetic fields in epitaxial thin films of cobalt in its three crystalline phases. The terahertz magnetic field generates a torque on the magnetization which causes it to precess for about 1 ps, with a subpicosecond temporal lag from the driving force. Then, the magnetization undergoes natural damped THz oscillations at a frequency characteristic of the crystalline phase. We describe the experimental observations solving the inertial Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation. Using the results from the relativistic theory of magnetic inertia, we find that the angular momentum relaxation time η is the only material parameter needed to describe all the experimental evidence. Our experiments suggest a proportionality between η and the strength of the magnetocrystalline anisotropy.

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Journal Article
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Physical review letters
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Export Date: 21 December 2022 Funding details: U.S. Department of Energy, USDOE Funding details: Office of Science, SC Funding details: Basic Energy Sciences, BES, DE-SC0003678 Funding details: European Research Council, ERC, 715452 Funding text 1: V. U. and S. B. acknowledge support from the European Research Council, Starting Grant No. 715452 “MAGNETIC-SPEED-LIMIT.” R. M. and E. E. F. were supported by U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science, Office of Basic Energy Sciences, under Contract No. DE-SC0003678.
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