A dynamic continental moisture gradient drove Amazonian bird diversification

Silva, Sofia Marques and Peterson, A. Townsend and Carneiro, Lincoln and Burlamaqui, Tibério César Tortola and Ribas, Camila C. and Sousa-Neves, Tiago and Miranda, Leonardo S. and Fernandes, Alexandre M. and d'Horta, Fernando M. and Araújo-Silva, Lucas Eduardo and Batista, Romina and Bandeira, Cinthia H. M. M. and Dantas, Sidnei M. and Ferreira, Mateus and Martins, Denise M. and Oliveira, Joiciane and Rocha, Tainá C. and Sardelli, Carla H. and Thom, Gregory and Rêgo, Péricles Sena and Santos, Marcos Pérsio and Sequeira, Fernando and Vallinoto, Marcelo and Aleixo, Alexandre (2019) A dynamic continental moisture gradient drove Amazonian bird diversification. Science Advances, 5 (7). ISSN 2375-2548

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The Amazon is the primary source of Neotropical diversity and a nexus for discussions on processes that drive biotic diversification. Biogeographers have focused on the roles of rivers and Pleistocene climate change in explaining high rates of speciation. We combine phylogeographic and niche-based paleodistributional projections for 23 upland terra firme forest bird lineages from across the Amazon to derive a new model of regional biological diversification. We found that climate-driven refugial dynamics interact with dynamic riverine barriers to produce a dominant pattern: Older lineages in the wetter western and northern parts of the Amazon gave rise to lineages in the drier southern and eastern parts. This climate/drainage basin evolution interaction links landscape dynamics with biotic diversification and explains the east-west diversity gradients across the Amazon.

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Science Advances
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05 Jan 2023 15:50
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