The Velocity Dispersion Function for Massive Quiescent and Star-forming Galaxies at 0.6 < z ≤ 1.0

Taylor, Lance and Bezanson, Rachel and van der Wel, Arjen and Pearl, Alan and Bell, Eric F. and D’Eugenio, Francesco and Franx, Marijn and Maseda, Michael V. and Muzzin, Adam and Sobral, David and Straatman, Caroline and Whitaker, Katherine E. and Wu, Po-Feng (2022) The Velocity Dispersion Function for Massive Quiescent and Star-forming Galaxies at 0.6 < z ≤ 1.0. The Astrophysical Journal, 939 (2). ISSN 0004-637X

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We present the first direct spectroscopic measurement of the stellar velocity dispersion function (VDF) for massive quiescent and star-forming galaxies at 0.6 < z ≤ 1.0. For this analysis we use individual measurements of stellar velocity dispersion from high-signal-to-noise-ratio spectra from the public Large Early Galaxy Astrophysics Census (LEGA-C) survey. We report a remarkable stability of the VDF for both quiescent and star-forming galaxies within this redshift range, though we note the presence of weak evolution in the number densities of star-forming galaxies. We compare both VDFs with previous direct and inferred measurements at local and intermediate redshifts, with the caveat that previous measurements of the VDF for star-forming galaxies are poorly constrained at all epochs. We emphasize that this work is the first to directly push to low stellar velocity dispersion (σ ⋆ > 100 km s−1) and extend to star-forming galaxies. We are largely consistent with the high-sigma tail measured from BOSS, and we find that the VDF remains constant from the median redshift of LEGA-C, z ∼ 0.8, to the present day.

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The Astrophysical Journal
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11 Nov 2022 16:30
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