The Broken Solipsist:An exploration of subjective reality in science fiction

Croy, Alex (2022) The Broken Solipsist:An exploration of subjective reality in science fiction. Masters thesis, UNSPECIFIED.

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This project is an exploration of the use of subjective reality in science fiction through the writing of a novel entitled The Broken Solipsist. The novel is an expansive adventure set in a world or pure chaos and without physical laws after an advanced humanity attempted to raise itself to godhood through technology in an event known as the First Dreaming. The last survivors of the calamitous attempt became godlike beings known as Solipsists, who each rebuilt a world of their own based on their own subjective views of the world that came before, resulting in a series of worlds or “spheres”, that are each an expression of that Solipsist’s inner, subjective world. The story is split between three narrators; Sin, a non-Solipsist born after the First Dreaming as part of a race of pseudo-humans created by one of the Solipsists, the Benevolent Solipsist Cassiora, who acts both as a point of view for the Solipsists and the chief antagonist of the novel, and Reign, a mysterious young boy with no memory found by Sin, who is unbeknownst to anyone a Solipsist himself. In using this setup and separate narratives, each with their own narrative style to dramatize the differences between each of their perspectives on the world around them, I have attempted to write a novel that deeply illustrates and explores themes of subjective reality and perspective in a science fiction novel.

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