Edge of Reality game experience

Stead, Michael and Pilling, Franziska and Pilling, Matthew and Coulton, Paul and Gradinar, Adrian (2022) Edge of Reality game experience. [Artefact]

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The Edge of Reality project is a collaboration between ImaginationLancaster design researchers and colleagues at BBC R&D. Funded by the PETRAS National Centre of Excellence for Internet of Things Systems Cybersecurity, the team have created an immersive, interactive game experience (housed inside the Future Mundane caravan) that aims to help the public to consider how their everyday interactions with smart device and AI data is contributing to climate change as well as creating cyber-security concerns... Step inside the smart home of the future and play an immersive ‘choose your own adventure’ style game where you must work with Gaia, an interactive AI voice assistant, to try to reduce your data carbon footprint and help fight climate change.

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