Bridging the gap between single- and multi-model predictive runtime verification

Ferrando, A. and Cardoso, R.C. and Farrell, M. and Luckcuck, M. and Papacchini, F. and Fisher, M. and Mascardi, V. (2022) Bridging the gap between single- and multi-model predictive runtime verification. Formal Methods in System Design, 59 (1-3). pp. 44-76.

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This paper presents an extension of the Predictive Runtime Verification (PRV) paradigm to consider multiple models of the System Under Analysis (SUA). We call this extension Multi-Model PRV. Typically, PRV attempts to predict the satisfaction or violation of a property based on a trace and a (single) formal model of the SUA. However, contemporary node- or component-based systems (e.g. robotic systems) may benefit from monitoring based on a model of each component. We show how a Multi-Model PRV approach can be applied in either a centralised or a compositional way (where the property is compositional), as best suits the SUA. Crucially, our approach is formalism-agnostic. We demonstrate our approach using an illustrative example of a Mars Curiosity rover simulation and evaluate our contribution via a prototype implementation.

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Formal Methods in System Design
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21 Sep 2022 15:20
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