Recent T2K neutrino oscillation results

T2K Collaboration (2019) Recent T2K neutrino oscillation results. Proceedings of Science, 364. ISSN 1824-8039

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T2K is a long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiment sited in Japan that explores neutrino oscillations via νµ disappearance measurements and νµ → νe appearance measurements. Neutrino mixing angles and mass differences have been measured under the assumption of both of the possible mass orderings, and constraints have been set on the CP-violating phase δCP. The best-fit results for the mixing angles sin2 θ23 for normal mass ordering and for inverted mass ordering, respectively, are 0.532+0.030−0.037 and 0.532−0.035+0.029, with corresponding mass differences in each case of ∆m232= (2.452+0.071−0.070) ×10−3 eV2 and ∆m213= (2.432−0.071+0.069) ×10−3 eV2. The parameter sin2 θ13 was measured to be 0.0268+0.0055−0.0043 (normal ordering) and 0.0300−0.0050+0.0059 (inverted ordering). The 1σ allowed region for δCPis [−2.509,−1.260] for normal ordering. No region of inverted ordering is included in the 1σ confidence level. In both cases, the CP-conserving values of δCP= 0, π have been excluded at the 2σ level. T2K has seen a small preference for normal ordering over inverted ordering with a Bayes factor of 8.0.

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