Informatics Reference Framework for School

Caspersen, Michael and Diethelm, Irina and Gal-Ezer, Judith and McGettrick, Andrew and Nardelli, Enrico and Passey, Don and Rovan, Branislav and Webb, Mary (2022) Informatics Reference Framework for School. Informatics for All Coalition.

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The contribution that informatics has made since the last century has fuelled innovative and significant technological advances and vice versa. It makes fundamental contributions to current economic, educational, industrial and social development. Informatics importantly has the capacity to support and augment human reasoning and potential. Education systems have a responsibility to recognise this and to ensure that young people are equipped to be able to drive forward, judge innovation and take part in the development of a just and fair society. To properly embrace this development by society in general, informatics has to be seen as an essential aspect of the education of all pupils. The present report, which outlines an informatics reference framework for all young people, bears that in mind. It is intended to offer high-level guidance that may be used by, and indeed stimulate, curriculum designers to review their focus and approach to the subject of informatics.

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