Models of Local Government after Covid-19 : Introducing the Concept of a Wellbeing Economy

Alhmad, Ali and Cavada, Marianna and Johnston, Alexander and Staricoff, Emily (2022) Models of Local Government after Covid-19 : Introducing the Concept of a Wellbeing Economy. Cambridge University Science and Policy Exchange (CUSPE), Cambridge.

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In this report we propose that the county council should introduce a wellbeing economy in Cambridgeshire, as a model for how the local government could look following the recovery from Covid-19. We will discuss the importance of wellbeing in light of Covid-19; briefly look at the current context in Cambridgeshire; evaluate various case studies and draw out what the county council could learn from them; look at the role of sustainability in wellbeing; discuss wellbeing in local governance; and discuss how a measurement framework could be implemented. Proposing a detailed framework of how Cambridgeshire’s wellbeing economy could look is beyond the scope of this report. However, we will introduce the theory behind a wellbeing economy and explain how this could benefit Cambridgeshire. We believe that the introduction of a Wellbeing economy would serve as a means for the council to focus much of the work already carried out and align work to a rewarding framework. We will propose to the council that development of a wellbeing economy framework would be a constructive approach to take. Furthermore, the report will include various proposals and recommendations for the council to consider, acting as a sounding board for best practices surrounding development, implementation and evaluation of a wellbeing economy framework.

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