Estimating microscale DE parameters of brittle adhesive joints using genetic expression programming

Wang, X.-E. and Kanani, A.Y. and Gu, Z. and Yang, J. and Ye, J. and Hou, X. (2022) Estimating microscale DE parameters of brittle adhesive joints using genetic expression programming. International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives, 118. ISSN 0143-7496

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Particle-based model has strength and flexibility in modelling the microstructures of adhesives and interface in adhesive joints. In this work, a procedure with genetic expression programming (GEP) technique to calibrate the microscale parameters of discrete element (DE) model was proposed for brittle adhesives. Two categories of adhesive properties, the bulk property of thick adhesive and interlaminar-like property of thin adhesive, were discussed. For the bulk property, three target properties of adhesives, i.e. tensile strength, peak strain, secant modulus, were set as the reproduced features. 300 sets of adjustable microscale parameters were produced to run the numerical tests and generate datasets. GEP was then employed to find regression formulas for predicting the target properties as a function of the microscale parameters. For the interlaminar-like property, fracture energies of the cohesive failure of thin adhesives were approximated. A similar procedure of combined DE modelling and GEP was performed to find the regression models to estimate the fracture energy. The developed regression formulas can cover a general range of brittle adhesives. Loctite EA 9497 adhesive was selected to perform a series of lab tests, of which the results were subsequently used to examine the applicability of the DE model with calibrated parameters. The numerical results exhibit good agreements with testing data and observation.

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International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives
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19 Aug 2022 10:55
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