The EURONEAR Lightcurve Survey of Near Earth Asteroids 2017–2020

Vaduvescu, O. and Aznar Macias, A. and Wilson, T. G. and Zegmott, T. and Perez Toledo, F. M. and Predatu, M. and Gherase, R. and Pinter, V. and Pozo Nunez, F. and Ulaczyk, K. and Soszynski, I. and Mroz, P. and Wrona, M. and Iwanek, P. and Szymanski, M. and Udalski, A. and Char, F. and Salas Olave, H. and Aravena-Rojas, G. and Vergara, A. C. and Saez, C. and Unda-Sanzana, E. and Alcalde, B. and de Burgos, A. and Nespral, D. and Galera-Rosillo, R. and Amos, Nick and Hibbert, J. and Lopez-Comazzi, A. and Oey, J. and Serra-Ricart, M. and Licandro, J. and Popescu, M. (2022) The EURONEAR Lightcurve Survey of Near Earth Asteroids 2017–2020. Earth, Moon, and Planets, 126 (6): 6. ISSN 0167-9295

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This is the fourth data paper publishing lightcurve survey work of 52 Near Earth Asteroids (NEAs) using 10 telescopes available to the EURONEAR network between 2017 and 2020. Forty six targets were not observed before our runs (88% of the sample) but some of these were targeted during the same oppositions mainly by Brian Warner. We propose new periods for 20 targets (38% of the sample), confirming published data for 20 targets, while our results for 8 targets do not match published data. We secured periods for 15 targets (29% of the sample), candidate periods for 23 objects (44%), tentative periods for 11 asteroids (21%), and have derived basic information about 3 targets (6% of the sample). We calculated the lower limit of the ellipsoid shape ratios a/b for 46 NEAs (including 13 PHAs). We confirmed or suggested 4 binary objects, recommending two of them for follow-up during future dedicated campaigns.

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Earth, Moon, and Planets
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