SN 2018ijp : the explosion of a stripped-envelope star within a dense H-rich shell?

Tartaglia, L. and Sollerman, J. and Barbarino, C. and Taddia, F. and Mason, E. and Berton, M. and Taggart, Kirsty and Bellm, Eric C. and De, K. and Frederick, S. and Fremling, Christoffer U. and Gal-Yam, A. and Golkhou, V. Z. and Graham, M. and Ho, Anna Y. Q. and Hung, T. and Kaye, S. and Kim, Young-Lo and Laher, Russ R. and Masci, F. J. and Perley, Daniel A. and Porter, M. D. and Reiley, D. J. and Riddle, Reed L. and Rusholme, B. and Soumagnac, Maayane T. and Walters, R. (2021) SN 2018ijp : the explosion of a stripped-envelope star within a dense H-rich shell? Astronomy and Astrophysics, 650: A174. ISSN 1432-0746

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In this paper, we discuss the outcomes of the follow-up campaign of SN 2018ijp, discovered as part of the Zwicky Transient Facility survey for optical transients. Its first spectrum shows similarities to broad-lined Type Ic supernovae around maximum light, whereas later spectra display strong signatures of interaction between rapidly expanding ejecta and a dense H-rich circumstellar medium, coinciding with a second peak in the photometric evolution of the transient. This evolution, along with the results of modeling of the first light-curve peak, suggests a scenario where a stripped star exploded within a dense circumstellar medium. The two main phases in the evolution of the transient could be interpreted as a first phase dominated by radioactive decays, and a later interaction-dominated phase where the ejecta collide with a pre-existing shell. We therefore discuss SN 2018jp within the context of a massive star depleted of its outer layers exploding within a dense H-rich circumstellar medium.

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