From Post-Truth to Post-Shame : Analyzing Far-right Populist Rhetoric

Wodak, Ruth (2021) From Post-Truth to Post-Shame : Analyzing Far-right Populist Rhetoric. In: Approaches to Discourse Analysis :. Georgetown University Press, Washington, DC, pp. 175-192. ISBN 9781647121105

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Far-right populist actors, parties, and movements, across Europe and beyond, draw on and combine different political imaginaries and different traditions; evoke (and construct) different nationalist pasts in the form of identity narratives; and emphasize a range of different issues in everyday politics. Some parties gain support via flaunting an ambivalent relationship with fascist and Nazi pasts (e.g., in Austria, Hungary, Italy, Romania, and France); some parties focus primarily on one or two issues, such as the perceived threat from Islam (e.g., in the Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Poland, Sweden, and Switzerland); some parties primarily stress a perceived danger to their national identities from ethnic minorities (e.g., in Hungary, Greece, Italy, and the United Kingdom); and some parties primarily endorse a traditional Christian (fundamentalist) conservative-reactionary agenda (e.g., in the United States, Poland, and Russia). In their free-for-all rush for votes, most far-right parties evidently pursue several such strategies at once, depending on the specific audience and context; thus, the aforementioned distinctions are primarily of an analytic nature.

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