Cultural Representations of Albinism in Africa:Narratives of Change

Baker, Charlotte and Imafidon, Elvis, eds. (2022) Cultural Representations of Albinism in Africa:Narratives of Change. Disability, Media, Culture . Peter Lang Publishing Group, Oxford. ISBN 9781800791398

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The challenges currently faced by people with albinism in many African countries are increasingly becoming a focus of African writers, storytellers, artists and filmmakers across the continent. At the same time, an increasing number of NGOs and advocates are taking account of the power of cultural representation and turning to the arts to convey important messages about albinism―and disability more broadly―to audiences locally and internationally. This volume focuses on the power of cultural representations of albinism, taking account of their real-world effects and implications to contend that all forms of representation have an important role to play in building sensitivity to the issues related to albinism amongst national and international audiences. Contributions from academics and albinism advocates range across traditional beliefs, literature, radio, newsprint, the media, film and the arts for public engagement to explore representations of albinism across the African continent. As such, Cultural Representations of Albinism in Africa: Narratives of Change brings together perspectives from disciplines in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, including literary studies, film studies, creative writing, philosophy, media, music and art.

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