Kim, Young-Lo and Smith, Mathew and Sullivan, Mark and Lee, Young-Wook (2018) c. In: UNSPECIFIED.

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Recent studies suggest that the difference between local and global properties of galaxies might play an important role in the Type Ia supernova (SN Ia) host galaxy studies. Obtaining local spectroscopic measurements for hosts at high redshift, however, is difficult. Here we will introduce a more efficient way to infer the local properties from global galaxy measurements. We find that when the globally star-forming galaxies are restricted to a low-mass subset (≤ 10^10 M☉), a sample without the local-global difference in star formation is efficiently selected. From this sample, we confirm that SNe Ia in locally star-forming environments are 0.080 ± 0.018 mag fainter (4.4 σ) than those in locally passive environments. Our results are, however, statistically more significant than previous results, because of ~5 times larger sample across a wider redshift range. Considering the significant difference in the mean stellar population age between these environments, the result would imply a possible luminosity evolution of SNe Ia.

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American Astronomical Society, AAS Meeting #231, id. 209.07
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