Missing relationship between meso- and microplastics in adjacent soils and sediments

Xu, L. and Han, L. and Li, J. and Zhang, H. and Jones, K. and Xu, E.G. (2022) Missing relationship between meso- and microplastics in adjacent soils and sediments. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 424. ISSN 0304-3894

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Meso- and microplastics (MMPs) have attracted attention as globally dispersed environmental pollutants. However, little is known about the transfers of MMPs between aquatic and terrestrial systems. A large watershed-estuarine area of Bohai Sea was used as a case study, and soils and sediments were sampled adjacent to each other at a wide range of sites. MMPs were detected in all sediments (6.7–320 MMPs/kg) and soils (40–980 MMPs/kg), with the average abundance in soils double that in sediments on a dry mass basis. MMPs <1 mm were most abundant and the dominant shape was film in both sediments and soils. Over twenty polymer types were detected and their compositions in sediments and soils were different. MMP abundance in sediments was lower in the upper catchment than the lower catchment, while the abundance of soil MMPs was the opposite. Despite the proximity of the sampling locations, no clear relationship was identified between the soil and sediment MMPs, suggesting low transfer between the two compartments and high heterogeneity of the sources. The missing associations between aquatic and terrestrial MMPs should be systematically examined in future studies, which is crucial for understanding the environmental fate and impacts of MMPs.

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Journal of Hazardous Materials
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