Photochemical Oxidation of Pt(IV)Me3(1,2-diimine) Thiolates to Luminescent Pt(IV) Sulfinates

Mala, Bara and Murtagh, Laura and Farrow, Charlotte and Akien, Geoffrey and Halcovitch, Nathan and Allinson, Sarah and Platts, James A. and Coogan, Michael (2021) Photochemical Oxidation of Pt(IV)Me3(1,2-diimine) Thiolates to Luminescent Pt(IV) Sulfinates. Inorganic Chemistry, 60 (10). pp. 7031-7043. ISSN 0020-1669

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Text (Photochemical Oxidation of Pt(IV)Me3(1,2-Diimine) Thiolates to Luminescent Pt(IV)Sulphinates)
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We report the formation of dinuclear complexes from, and photochemical oxidation of, (CH3)3-Pt(IV)(N^N) (N^N = 1,2-diimine derivatives) complexes of thiophenolate ligands to the analogous sulfinates (CH3)3Pt(N^N)(SO2Ph) and structural, spectroscopic, and theoretical studies of the latter revealing tunable photophysics depending upon the 1,2-diimine ligands. Electron-rich thiolate and conjugated 1,2-diimines encourage formation of thiolate-bridged dinuclear complexes; smaller 1,2-diimines or electron-poor thiolates favor mononuclear complexes. Photooxidation of the thiolate ligand yields hitherto unreported Pt(IV)-SO2R complexes, promoted by electron-deficient thiolates such as 4-nitrothiophenol, which exclusively forms the sulfinate complex. Such complexes exhibit expected absorptions due to π-π* ligand transitions of the 1,2-diimines mixed with spin-allowed singlet MLCT (d-π*) at relatively high energy (270–290 nm), as well as unexpected broad, lower energy absorptions between 360 and 490 nm. DFT data indicate that these low energy absorption bands result from excitation of Pt–S and Pt–C σ-bonding electrons to π* orbitals on sulfinate and 1,2-diimine, the latter of which gives rise to emission in the visible range.

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