First demonstration of the use of crab cavities on hadron beams

Calaga, R. and Alekou, A. and Antoniou, F. and Appleby, R.B. and Arnaudon, L. and Artoos, K. and Arduini, G. and Baglin, V. and Barriere, S. and Bartosik, H. and Baudrenghien, P. and Ben-Zvi, I. and Bohl, T. and Boucherie, A. and Brüning, O.S. and Brodzinski, K. and Butterworth, A. and Burt, G. and Capatina, O. and Calvo, S. and Capelli, T. and Carlà, M. and Carra, F. and Carver, L.R. and Castilla-Loeza, A. and Daly, E. and Dassa, L. and Delayen, J. and De Silva, S.U. and Dexter, A. and Garlasche, M. and Gerigk, F. and Giordanino, L. and Glenat, D. and Guinchard, M. and Harrison, A. and Jensen, E. and Julie, C. and Jones, T. and Killing, F. and Krawczyk, A. and Levens, T. and Leuxe, R. and Lindstrom, B. and Li, Z. and MacEwen, A. and MacPherson, A. and Menendez, P. and Mikkola, T. and Minginette, P. and Mitchell, J. and Montesinos, E. and Papotti, G. and Park, H. and Pasquino, C. and Pattalwar, S. and Pleite, E.C. and Powers, T. and Prochal, B. and Ratti, A. and Rossi, L. and Rude, V. and Therasse, M. and Tomás, R. and Stapley, N. and Santillana, I. and Shipman, N. and Simonin, J. and Sosin, M. and Swieszek, J. and Templeton, N. and Vandoni, G. and Verdú-Andrés, S. and Wartak, M. and Welsch, C. and Wollman, D. and Wu, Q. and Xiao, B. and Yamakawa, E. and Zanoni, C. and Zimmermann, F. and Zwozniak, A. (2021) First demonstration of the use of crab cavities on hadron beams. Physical Review Accelerators and Beams, 24 (6). ISSN 2469-9888

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Many future particle colliders require beam crabbing to recover geometric luminosity loss from the nonzero crossing angle at the interaction point (IP). A first demonstration experiment of crabbing with hadron beams was successfully carried out with high energy protons. This breakthrough result is fundamental to achieve the physics goals of the high luminosity LHC (HL-LHC) and the future circular collider (FCC). The expected peak luminosity gain (related to collision rate) is 65% for HL-LHC and even greater for the FCC. Novel beam physics experiments with proton beams in CERN's Super Proton Synchrotron (SPS) were performed to demonstrate several critical aspects for the operation of crab cavities in the future HL-LHC including transparency with a pair of cavities, a full characterization of the cavity impedance with high beam currents, controlled emittance growth from crab cavity induced rf noise. © 2021 American Physical Society. All rights reserved.

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Physical Review Accelerators and Beams
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23 Jul 2021 10:30
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