Explaining effective mental health support for LGBTQ+ youth:A meta-narrative review

McDermott, Elizabeth and Eastham, Rachael and Hughes, Elizabeth and Pattinson, Emily and Johnson, Katherine and Davis, Stephanie and Pryjmachuk, Steven and Mateus, Ceu and Jenzen, Olu (2021) Explaining effective mental health support for LGBTQ+ youth:A meta-narrative review. SSM - Mental Health, 1. ISSN 2666-5603

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This meta-narrative review on mental health early intervention support for LGBTQ+ ​youth aimed to develop a theoretical framework to explain effective mental health support. Using the RAMESES standards for meta-narrative reviews, we identified studies from database searches and citation-tracking. Data extraction and synthesis was conducted through conceptual coding in Atlas.ti. in two stages: 1) conceptual mapping of the meta-narratives; 2) comparing the key concepts across the meta-narratives to produce a theoretical framework. In total, 2951 titles and abstracts were screened and 200 full papers reviewed. 88 studies were included in the final review. Stage 1 synthesis identified three meta-narratives - psychological, psycho-social, and social/youth work. Stage 2 synthesis resulted in a non-pathological theoretical framework for mental health support that acknowledged the intersectional aspects of LGBTQ+ ​youth lives, and placed youth at the centre of their own mental health care. The study of LGBTQ+ ​youth mental health has largely occurred independently across a range of disciplines such as psychology, sociology, public health, social work and youth studies. The interdisciplinary theoretical framework produced indicates that effective early intervention mental health support for LGBTQ+ ​youth must prioritise addressing normative environments that marginalises youth, LGBTQ+ ​identities and mental health problems.

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SSM - Mental Health
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