NrGO Floating Gate/SiOXNY Tunneling Layer Stack for Nonvolatile Flash Memory Applications

Soni, Mahesh and Soni, Ajay and Sharma, Satinder Kumar (2020) NrGO Floating Gate/SiOXNY Tunneling Layer Stack for Nonvolatile Flash Memory Applications. IEEE Transactions on Device and Materials Reliability, 20 (3): 570-575. ISSN 1530-4388

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This paper presents an ultra.thin silicon oxynitride (SiOXNY, 4 nm) tunneling layer, nitrogen functionalized reduced graphene oxide (NrGO, 3.5 layer) floating gate (FG) and poly (methyl methacrylate) (PMMA, 60 nm) blocking layers based Al/PMMA/NrGO/SiOXNY/p.Si/Au, non.volatile flash memory (NVFM) structures. The ultra.thin SiOXNY helps in improving the interface with Si, resulting in lower gate leakage current density and considerable enhanced retention characteristics. The nitrogen engineered GO followed by reduction to NrGO under UV illumination attributes to the modification of the physiochemical properties, hence beneficial for non-volatile memory applications. The uniform, stress free and low temperature processing advocates the potential of PMMA as blocking layer for improved memory characteristics. The electrical characterizations on the fabricated Al/PMMA/NrGO/SiOXNY/p.Si/Au gate stack demonstrates a memory window (δW) of 1.25 V @ ± 3 V and 2.6 V @ ± 5 V, low gate leakage current density (J) 10 nA/cm2 @ -1 V, retention 3 1011 sec (> 10 years with extrapolation) and endurance of more than 100 cycles.

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IEEE Transactions on Device and Materials Reliability
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