They Look Alive! Consumer evaluations of anthropomorphised green products

Rashed, Abdullah and Daryanto, Ahmad and Sutanto, Juliana (2021) They Look Alive! Consumer evaluations of anthropomorphised green products. PhD thesis, Lancaster University.

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Product anthropomorphism has been a conflictive topic for marketers in the past few years. Our research was focused on application, regarding when to use anthropomorphism for green products and when to avoid using it. In Chapter 2, using anthropomorphism theory, we examined the moderation effect of a product’s anthropomorphism on the relationship between the internal locus of control (ILOC) and purchase intention for green products. To test this effect, we conducted our study in the UK using a survey. Our study revealed that ILOC is positively related to purchase intention, and that a product’s anthropomorphism fully moderates the effect of ILOC on purchase intention. In Chapter 3, we examined the effect of anthropomorphising environmentally friendly products on consumers’ intention to purchase the green products. We found that participants’ purchase intentions in the high anthropomorphised condition were lower than in the low anthropomorphised condition. Subsequent analysis revealed that green products with a high level of anthropomorphism are perceived to be more humorous and less attractive than those with a low level of anthropomorphism. Our mediation analysis showed that, indeed, perceived humour and product attractiveness mediated the effect of the two experimental conditions on purchase intention. In addition, we found that the effect of perceived humour on purchase intention was mediated by perceived product credibility. In Chapter 4, the results revealed that Saudi consumers intended to purchase the anthropomorphised versions of non-green and green products. Product anthropomorphism positively and significantly affected purchase intention both for non-green and green products. Additionally, product trust is the reason why Saudi consumers buy a product. Our results in Chapter 4 show that the Saudi market is eligible and ready for anthropomorphised products. We discuss the implications of these findings for consumer research in more detail in the following chapters.

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