A Lightweight Post-Quantum Lattice-Based RSA for Secure Communications

Mustafa, Iqra and Khan, Imran Ullah and Aslam, Sheraz and Sajid, Ahthasham and Mohsin, Syed Muhammad and Awais, Muhammad and Qureshi, Muhammad Bilal (2020) A Lightweight Post-Quantum Lattice-Based RSA for Secure Communications. IEEE Access. pp. 99273-99285. ISSN 2169-3536

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Conventional RSA algorithm, being a basis for several proposed cryptosystems, has remarkable security laps with respect to confidentiality and integrity over the internet which can be compromised by state-of-the-art attacks, especially, for different types of data generation, transmission, and analysis by IoT applications. This security threat hindrance is considered to be a hard problem to solve on classical computers. However, bringing quantum mechanics into account, the concept no longer holds true. So, this calls out for the modification of the conventional pre-quantum RSA algorithm into a secure post-quantum cryptographic-based RSA technique. In this research, we propose a post-quantum lattice-based RSA (LB-RSA) for IoT-based cloud applications to secure the shared data and information. The proposed work is validated by implementing it in 60-dimensions. The key size is about 1.152 × 105 -bits and generation time is 0.8 hours. Furthermore, it has been tested with AVISPA, which confirms security in the presence of an intruder. Moreover, the proposed LB-RSA technique is compared with the existing state-of-the-art techniques. The empirical results advocate that the proposed lattice-based variant is not only safe but beats counterparts in terms of secured data sharing.

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IEEE Access
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