Observing off-resonance motion of nanomechanical resonators as modal superposition

Esmenda, Joshoua Condicion and Aguila, Myrron Albert Callera and Wang, Jyh-Yang and Lee, Teik-Hui and Yang, Chi-Yuan and Lin, Kung-Hsuan and Chang-Liao, Kuei-Shu and Katz, Nadav and Kafanov, Sergey and Pashkin, Yuri and Chen, Chii-Dong (2020) Observing off-resonance motion of nanomechanical resonators as modal superposition. arxiv.org.

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Observation of resonance modes is the most straightforward way of studying mechanical oscillations because these modes have maximum response to stimuli. However, a deeper understanding of mechanical motion could be obtained by also looking at modal responses at frequencies in between resonances. A common way to do this is to force a mechanical object into oscillations and study its off-resonance behaviour. In this paper, we present visualisation of the modal response shapes for a mechanical drum driven off resonance. By using the frequency modal analysis, we describe these shapes as a superposition of resonance modes. We find that the spatial distribution of the oscillating component of the driving force affects the modal weight or participation. Moreover, we are able to infer the asymmetry of the drum by studying the dependence of the resonance modes shapes on the frequency of the driving force. Our results highlight that dynamic responses of any mechanical system are mixtures of their resonance modes with various modal weights, further giving credence to the universality of this phenomenon.

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