Ensuring tests of conservation interventions build on existing literature

Sutherland, W.J. and Alvarez-Castañeda, S.T. and Amano, T. and Ambrosini, R. and Atkinson, P. and Baxter, J.M. and Bond, A.L. and Boon, P.J. and Buchanan, K.L. and Barlow, J. and Bogliani, G. and Bragg, O.M. and Burgman, M. and Cadotte, M.W. and Calver, M. and Cooke, S.J. and Corlett, R.T. and Devictor, V. and Ewen, J.G. and Fisher, M. and Freeman, G. and Game, E. and Godley, B.J. and Gortázar, C. and Hartley, I.R. and Hawksworth, D.L. and Hobson, K.A. and Lu, M.-L. and Martín-López, B. and Ma, K. and Machado, A. and Maes, D. and Mangiacotti, M. and McCafferty, D.J. and Melfi, V. and Molur, S. and Moore, A.J. and Murphy, S.D. and Norris, D. and van Oudenhoven, A.P.E. and Powers, J. and Rees, E.C. and Schwartz, M.W. and Storch, I. and Wordley, C. (2020) Ensuring tests of conservation interventions build on existing literature. Conservation Biology, 34 (4). pp. 781-783. ISSN 0888-8892

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Conservation Biology
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