Electro-Activation of Granular Carbon from Olive Mill Solid Residue

Aiouache, Farid and Lounici, Hakim and Belhocine, D. and Grib, Hocine and Piron, DL and Mameri, Nabil (2000) Electro-Activation of Granular Carbon from Olive Mill Solid Residue. Environmental Technology, 21 (11). pp. 1215-1222. ISSN 0959-3330

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A technique for activation of granualr activated carbon (GAC) is presented based on the electrochemical method. In this study, we investigated the effectiveness of the electroactivated GAC in removing phenol from water and determine the optimum conditions for activation. Electroactivation on the GAC appears to be an interesting technique, it requires a short eletro-activation time T=30 min and an optimum potential ranging from +200 mV/SCE to 400 mV/SCE. Phenol adsorption isotherms gave a limiting adsorption capacity Qm dependent on the applied potential, which at potential E=+300 mV/SCE was improved by about 55 %, giving Qm=75 mg phenol g-1 GAC.

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Environmental Technology
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