Local Wayfinding Decisions in a Complex Real-World Building

Jazuk, Kristina and Gubler, Gian-Luca and Mavros, Panos and Conroy-Dalton, Ruth and Hölscher, Christoph (2020) Local Wayfinding Decisions in a Complex Real-World Building. In: Spatial Cognition XII. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2020 . Springer-Verlag, LVA, pp. 122-125. ISBN 9783030579821

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Unlike most wayfinding experiments focusing on overall task performance, the present study zooms in on local decision-making in complex decision areas within a large-scale multi-level shopping mall. Participants are taken to a decision area, provided with a destination description and asked to navigate towards that destination. They are stopped upon leaving the deci-sion area and taken to the next task location. The spatial complexity of de-cision areas as well as the entry direction into each area is systematically varied to identify what spatial features influence location decisions. Video recordings, accelerometers and gyroscopes together with thinking aloud are employed to map high-level decisions and low-level movement of head and body onto measures of spatial complexity, including isovist properties. Da-ta collection is currently under way and to be completed in April 2020.

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