Weak values of electron spin in a double quantum dot

Romito, Alessandro and Gefen, Yuval and Blanter, Yaroslav M. (2008) Weak values of electron spin in a double quantum dot. Physical review letters, 100 (5). ISSN 0031-9007

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We propose a protocol for a controlled experiment to measure a weak value of the electron's spin in a solid state device. The weak value is obtained by a two step procedure-weak measurement followed by a strong one (postselection), where the outcome of the first measurement is kept provided a second postselected outcome occurs. The setup consists of a double quantum dot and a weakly coupled quantum point contact to be used as a detector. Anomalously large values of the spin of a two electron system are predicted, as well as negative values of the total spin. We also show how to incorporate the adverse effect of decoherence into this procedure.

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Physical review letters
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