Light sterile neutrino sensitivity at the nuSTORM facility

Adey, D. and Agarwalla, S. K. and Ankenbrandt, C. M. and Asfandiyarov, R. and Back, J. J. and Barker, G. and Baussan, E. and Bayes, R. and Bhadra, S. and Blackmore, V. and Blondel, A. and Bogacz, S. A. and Bramsiepe, S. G. and Bravar, A. and Brice, S. J. and Bross, A. D. and Cadoux, F. and Cease, H. and Cervera, A. and Cobb, J. and Colling, D. and Coloma, P. and Coney, L. and Dobbs, A. and Dobson, J. and Donini, A. and Dornan, P. and Dracos, M. and Dufour, F. and Edgecock, R. and Geelhoed, M. and Uchida, M. A. and Gómez-Cadenas, J. J. and De Gouvêa, A. and Haesler, A. and Hanson, G. and Hartz, M. and Hernández, P. and Hernando Morata, J. A. and Huber, P. and Izmaylov, A. and Karadzhov, Y. and Kobilarcik, T. and Kopp, J. and Kormos, L. and Korzenev, A. and Kuno, Y. and Kurup, A. and Kyberd, P. and Ratoff, P. (2014) Light sterile neutrino sensitivity at the nuSTORM facility. Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology, 89 (7). ISSN 1550-7998

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A facility that can deliver beams of electron and muon neutrinos from the decay of a stored muon beam has the potential to unambiguously resolve the issue of the evidence for light sterile neutrinos that arises in short-baseline neutrino oscillation experiments and from estimates of the effective number of neutrino flavors from fits to cosmological data. In this paper, we show that the nuSTORM facility, with stored muons of 3.8GeV/c±10%, will be able to carry out a conclusive muon neutrino appearance search for sterile neutrinos and test the LSND and MiniBooNE experimental signals with 10σ sensitivity, even assuming conservative estimates for the systematic uncertainties. This experiment would add greatly to our knowledge of the contribution of light sterile neutrinos to the number of effective neutrino flavors from the abundance of primordial helium production and from constraints on neutrino energy density from the cosmic microwave background. The appearance search is complemented by a simultaneous muon neutrino disappearance analysis that will facilitate tests of various sterile neutrino models.

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Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology
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