Partitioning of web applications for hybrid cloud deployment

Kaviani, Nima and Wohlstadter, Eric and Lea, Rodger (2014) Partitioning of web applications for hybrid cloud deployment. Journal of Internet Services and Applications, 5 (1). pp. 1-17. ISSN 1867-4828

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Hybrid cloud deployment offers flexibility in trade-offs between the cost-savings/scalability of the public cloud and control over data resources provided at a private premise. However, this flexibility comes at the expense of complexity in distributing a system over these two locations. For multi-tier web applications, this challenge manifests itself primarily in the partitioning of application- and database-tiers. While there is existing research that focuses on either application-tier or data-tier partitioning, we show that optimized partitioning of web applications benefits from both tiers being considered simultaneously. We present our research on a new cross-tier partitioning approach to help developers make effective trade-offs between performance and cost in a hybrid cloud deployment. The general approach primarily benefits from two technical improvements to integer-programming based application partitioning. First, an asymmetric cost-model for optimizing data transfer in environments where ingress and egress data-transfer have differing costs, such as in many infrastructure as a service platforms. Second, a new encoding of database query plans as integer programs, to enable simultaneous optimization of code and data placement in a hybrid cloud environment. In two case studies the approach results in up to 54% reduction in monetary costs compared to a premise only deployment and 56% improvement in response time compared to a naive partitioning where the application-tier is deployed in the public cloud and the data-tier is on private infrastructure.

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Journal of Internet Services and Applications
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