Cross-Domain Noise Impact Evaluation for Black Box Two-Level Control CPS.

Tan, Feng and Liu, Liansheng and Winter, Stefan and Wang, Qixin and Suri, Neeraj and Bu, Lei and Peng, Yu and Liu, Xue and Peng, Xiyuan (2019) Cross-Domain Noise Impact Evaluation for Black Box Two-Level Control CPS. TCPS, 3 (1).

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Control Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs) constitute a major category of CPS. In control CPSs, in addition to the well-studied noises within the physical subsystem, we are interested in evaluating the impact of cross-domain noise: the noise that comes from the physical subsystem, propagates through the cyber subsystem, and goes back to the physical subsystem. Impact of cross-domain noise is hard to evaluate when the cyber subsystem is a black box, which cannot be explicitly modeled. To address this challenge, this article focuses on the two-level control CPS, a widely adopted control CPS architecture, and proposes an emulation based evaluation methodology framework. The framework uses hybrid model reachability to quantify the cross-domain noise impact, and exploits Lyapunov stability theories to reduce the evaluation benchmark size. We validated the effectiveness and efficiency of our proposed framework on a representative control CPS testbed. Particularly, 24.1% of evaluation effort is saved using the proposed benchmark shrinking technology.

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