On the design of perturbation-resilient atomic commit protocols for mobile transactions

Ayari, B. and Khelil, A. and Suri, Neeraj (2011) On the design of perturbation-resilient atomic commit protocols for mobile transactions. ACM Transactions on Computer Systems, 29 (3). ISSN 0734-2071

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Distributed mobile transactions utilize commit protocols to achieve atomicity and consistent decisions. This is challenging, as mobile environments are typically characterized by frequent perturbations such as network disconnections and node failures. On one hand environmental constraints onmobile participants and wireless links may increase the resource blocking time of fixed participants. On the other hand frequent node and link failures complicate the design of atomic commit protocols by increasing both the transaction abort rate and resource blocking time. Hence, the deployment of classical commit protocols (such as two-phase commit) does not reasonably extend to distributed infrastructure-based mobile environments driving the need for perturbation-resilient commit protocols. In this article, we comprehensively consider and classify the perturbations of the wireless infrastructurebased mobile environment according to their impact on the outcome of commit protocols and on the resource blocking times. For each identified perturbation class a commit solution is provided. Consolidating these subsolutions, we develop a family of fault-tolerant atomic commit protocols that are tunable to meet the desired perturbation needs and provideminimized resource blocking times and optimized transaction commit rates. The framework is also evaluated using simulations and an actual testbed deployment.

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ACM Transactions on Computer Systems
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