Trading transport timeliness and reliability for efficiency in wireless sensor networks

Sachidananda, V. and Khelil, A. and Umap, D. and Majuntke, M. and Suri, Neeraj (2013) Trading transport timeliness and reliability for efficiency in wireless sensor networks. In: 2013 10th IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON NETWORKING, SENSING AND CONTROL (ICNSC). I. B. Tauris, pp. 720-727. ISBN 9781467351980

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A key task in wireless sensor networks is to deliver information from sensor nodes to the sink. Many applications require the delivery to be reliable and timely. However, increasing reliability/timeliness comes at the cost of higher energy consumption as in both cases additional messages have to be sent: Retransmissions to increase reliability and information delivery via a second, faster path to ensure timeliness. Existing transport protocols either over- or under-provide reliability and/or timeliness and lack optimized efficiency. This work aims in tuning reliability and timeliness in composition for a maximized efficiency. Our approach's takes the reliability/timeliness requirements as input and features a message efficiency that optimally meets user requirements. Information transport proceeds in two steps in a fully distributed way: (i) Finding the optimal number of retransmissions on a per hop basis with delay compensation, and (ii) path split and/or replication if reliability or timeliness requirements are violated. We validate the approach viability through extensive simulations for a wide range of requirements and network conditions. © 2013 IEEE.

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