Status of the CLIC-UK R&D programme on design of key systems for the compact linear collider

CLIC and Clarke, J. A. and Collomb, N. and Jamison, S. P. and McIntosh, P. A. and Shepherd, B. J.A. and Stokes, G. and Corsini, R. and Grudiev, A. and Latina, A. and Lefevre, T. and Marrelli, C. and Modena, M. and Schmickler, H. and Schulte, D. and Skowronski, P. and Stapnes, S. and Tecker, F. and Tomas, R. and Wegner, R. and Wendt, M. and Wuensch, W. and Gillespie, W. A. and Pan, R. and Tyrk, M. A. and Walsh, D. A. and Bett, D. R. and Blaskovic Kraljevic, N. and Burrows, P. N. and Christian, G. B. and Corner, L. and Davis, M. R. and Gamba, D. and Perry, C. and Roberts, J. and Ainsworth, R. and Aumeyr, T. and Bobb, L. and Boogert, S. and Bosco, A. and Cullinan, F. J. and Karataev, P. and Kruchinin, K. and Lyapin, A. and Burt, G. and Dexter, A. and Jenkins, M. and Karimian, S. and Lingwood, C. and Woolley, B. and Jones, R. (2014) Status of the CLIC-UK R&D programme on design of key systems for the compact linear collider. In: IPAC 2014. IPAC 2014: Proceedings of the 5th International Particle Accelerator Conference . Joint Accelerator Conferences Website (JACoW), DEU, pp. 1354-1357. ISBN 9783954501328

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Six UK institutes are engaged in a collaborative R&D programme with CERN aimed at demonstrating key aspects of technology feasibility for the Compact Linear Collider (CLIC). We give an overview and status of: 1) Drive-beam components: quadrupole magnets and the beam phase feed-forward prototype. 2) Beam instrumentation: stripline and cavity beam position monitors, an electro-optical longitudinal bunch profile monitor, and laserwire and diffraction and transition radiation monitors for transverse beam-size determination. 3) Beam delivery system and machinedetector interface design, including beam feedback/control systems and crab cavity design and control. 4) RF structure design. In each case we report on the status of prototype systems and performance tests with beam at the CTF3, ATF2 and CESRTA test facilities, including plans for future experiments.

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