An open letter to The BMJ editors on qualitative research

Greenhalgh, T. and Annandale, E. and Ashcroft, R. and Barlow, J. and Black, N. and Bleakley, A. and Boaden, R. and Braithwaite, J. and Britten, N. and Carnevale, F. and Checkland, K. and Cheek, J. and Clark, A. and Cohn, S. and Coulehan, J. and Crabtree, B. and Cummins, S. and Davidoff, F. and Davies, H. and Dingwall, R. and Dixon-Woods, M. and Elwyn, G. and Engebretsen, E. and Ferlie, E. and Fulop, N. and Gabbay, J. and Gagnon, M.P. and Galasinski, D. and Garside, R. and Gilson, L. and Griffiths, P. and Hawe, P. and Helderman, J.K. and Hodges, B. and Hunter, D. and Kearney, M. and Kitzinger, C. and Kitzinger, J. and Kuper, A. and Kushner, S. and Le May, A. and Legare, F. and Lingard, L. and Locock, L. and Maben, J. and Macdonald, M.E. and Mair, F. and Mannion, R. and Marshall, M. and May, C. and Mays, N. and McKee, L. and Miraldo, M. and Morgan, D. and Morse, J. and Nettleton, S. and Oliver, S. and Pearce, W. and Pluye, P. and Pope, C. and Robert, G. and Roberts, C. and Rodella, S. and Rycroft-Malone, J. and Sandelowski, M. and Shekelle, P. and Stevenson, F. and Straus, S. and Swinglehurst, D. and Thorne, S. and Tomson, G. and Westert, G. and Wilkinson, S. and Williams, B. and Young, T. and Ziebland, S. (2016) An open letter to The BMJ editors on qualitative research. BMJ, 352 (i563): i563. ISSN 0959-8138

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