Development of an on-board failure diagnostics and prognostics system for solid rocket booster

Smelyanskiy, Vadim N. and Luchinsky, Dmitry G. and Osipov, Vyatcheslav V. and Timucin, Dogan A. and Uckun, Serdar (2008) Development of an on-board failure diagnostics and prognostics system for solid rocket booster. In: 44th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference and Exhibit :. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, USA. ISBN 9781563479434

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We develop a case breach model for the on-board fault diagnostics and prognostics system for sub-scale solid-rocket boosters (SRBs). The model development was motivated by recent ground firing tests, in which a deviation of measured time-traces from the predicted time-series was observed. A modified model takes into account the nozzle ablation, including the effect of roughness of the nozzle surface, the geometry of the fault, and erosion and burning of the walls of the hole in the metal case. The derived low-dimensional performance model (LDPM) of the fault can reproduce the observed time-series data very well. To verify the performance of the LDPM we build a FLUENT model of the case breach fault and demonstrate a good agreement between theoretical predictions based on the analytical solution of the model equations and the results of the FLUENT simulations. We then incorporate the derived LDPM into an inferential Bayesian framework and verify performance of the Bayesian algorithm for the diagnostics and prognostics of the case breach fault. It is shown that the obtained LDPM allows one to track parameters of the SRB during the flight in real time, to diagnose case breach fault, and to predict its values in the future. The application of the method to fault diagnostics and prognostics (FD&P) of other SRB faults modes is discussed.

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