Atomically defined angstrom-scale all-carbon junctions

Tan, Z. and Zhang, D. and Tian, H.-R. and Wu, Q. and Hou, S. and Pi, J. and Sadeghi, H. and Tang, Z. and Yang, Y. and Liu, J. and Tan, Y.-Z. and Chen, Z.-B. and Shi, J. and Xiao, Z. and Lambert, C. and Xie, S.-Y. and Hong, W. (2019) Atomically defined angstrom-scale all-carbon junctions. Nature Communications, 10 (1). p. 1748. ISSN 2041-1723

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Full-carbon electronics at the scale of several angstroms is an expeimental challenge, which could be overcome by exploiting the versatility of carbon allotropes. Here, we investigate charge transport through graphene/single-fullerene/graphene hybrid junctions using a single-molecule manipulation technique. Such sub-nanoscale electronic junctions can be tuned by band gap engineering as exemplified by various pristine fullerenes such as C 60, C 70, C 76 and C 90. In addition, we demonstrate further control of charge transport by breaking the conjugation of their π systems which lowers their conductance, and via heteroatom doping of fullerene, which introduces transport resonances and increase their conductance. Supported by our combined density functional theory (DFT) calculations, a promising future of tunable full-carbon electronics based on numerous sub-nanoscale fullerenes in the large family of carbon allotropes is anticipated.

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Nature Communications
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22 Jun 2019 09:10
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