Study of the superdeformed band in 194Pb and 192Hg with EUROGAM

Hannachi, F. and Schück, C. and Bastin, G. and Deloncle, I. and Gall, B. and Porquet, M. and Smith, A. and Azaiez, F. and Bourgeois, C. and Duprat, J. and Korichi, A. and Perrin, N. and Poffé, N. and Sergolle, H. and Astier, A. and Le Coz, Y. and Meyer, M. and Redon, N. and Bentley, M. and Simpson, J. and Sharpey-Schafer, J. and Joyce, M. and Beausang, C. and Fallon, P. and Paul, E. and Dagnall, P. and Forbes, S. and Gale, S. and Jones, P. and Wadsworth, R. and Clark, R. and Aléonard, M. and Curien, D. and Defrance, G. and Carpenter, M. and Henry, R. and Lauritsen, T. and Willsau, P. (1993) Study of the superdeformed band in 194Pb and 192Hg with EUROGAM. Nuclear Physics, Section A, 557. pp. 75-82.

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A subset of the Eurogam array has been used to investigate the decay out of the superdeformed (SD) band in 194Pb. Two new band members and a new decay pattern into the low lying states at normal deformation (ND) have been established for this band. In the level scheme at normal deformation, the linking transitions between the previously known floating ΔI = 1 sequence and the lower states have been established for the first time. In this talk we will also report on the preliminary results of the search for the linking transitions between the SD and ND states in 192Hg with the fully operational EUROGAM array.

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Nuclear Physics, Section A
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