Highly excited Delta I=1 structures in 193Hg

Fotiades, N. and Harissopulos, S. and Kalfas, C.A. and Kossionides, S. and Papadopoulos, C.T. and Vlastou, R. and Serris, M. and Meyer, M. and Redon, N. and Duffait, R. and Le Coz, Y. and Ducroux, L. and Hannachi, F. and Deloncle, I. and Gall, B. and Porquet, M.G. and Schuck, C. and Azaiez, F. and Duprat, J. and Korichi, A. and Sharpey-Schafer, J.F. and Joyce, M.J. and Beausang, C.W. and Dagnall, P.J. and Forsyth, P.D. and Gale, S.J. and Jones, P.M. and Paul, E.S. and Simpson, J. and Clark, R.M. and Hauschild, K. and Wadsworth, R. (1995) Highly excited Delta I=1 structures in 193Hg. Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics, 21 (7). pp. 911-936. ISSN 0954-3899

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Highly excited states in the nucleus 193Hg have been investigated by in-beam gamma -ray spectroscopic techniques using the EUROGAM array. The reaction 150Nd(48Ca,5n) at a beam energy of 213 MeV was used to populate states of 193Hg. The level scheme has been considerably extended (up to 10.7 MeV) and enriched from earlier studies. Two new structures of competing dipole and quadrupole transitions were observed. Experimental B(M1)/B(E2) ratios were determined for the two structures and compared with theoretical estimates. They were also compared with similar structures in the neighbouring Hg and Pb nuclei.

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Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics
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